Line of credit

Line of credit is a form of short-term loan. It is used for working capital needs, providing warranties. If your company is using a line of credit, you can always take all amount of money whih was prie-agreed.




  • Line of credit can be provided for 12 months with the right to extend it for another 12 months;
  • Minimum amount of money is 2896 € or equivalent amount in USA dollars;
  • Amount of money is usually equal to the average company sales from one to two months;
  • The loan must be ensured with guarantees, when there is pledged land, buildings, other real estate, financial funds.
  • The company taking the loan must have at least 1 year of activity experience;
  • The company taking the loan must have an account in „Viko Bankas“ at least for 3 months;
  • Pledged property must be evaluated by independent property valuers which is acceptable to the bank; it must also be insured by the insurance company acceptable to the bank;
  • Interest rates are calculated from the day, at which funds are written off from the loan account of the company, by it‘s request;
  • Interest rates are calculated from the amount of money which has not been returned yet and they are calculated until the end of the line of credit service;