Investment loan

Investment loan is a funding for companies, who want to expand, implement their projects, react to increased demand more operatively or invest into other companies. This type of credit is beneficial for companies, who are going to buy or construct buildings, buy equipment, which was reted till now.


The amount and term of the service:


  • Service is given for at least 12 months;
  • Minimum amount is 5792 € or equivalent amount in USA dollars;
  • Amount cannot exceed 70 percent of the value of mortgaged buildings or land;
  • Amount cannot exceed 50 percent of the value of any other mortgaged real estate.



Loan guarantee:


  • Loan can be guaranteed when land, buildings or other real estate or movable property is pledged;
  • Usually, the opject itself must be pledged;



Repayment of the loan and it‘s interest:


  • The borrower has a right to have an account in „Viko Bankas“;
  • There is variable or fixed interest rate set;
  • Interest is calculated eveymoth and must be paid until the last day of the month;
  • The loan is repaid in equally every month.